Magic Shutter 1.5

Easy shooting, unlimited creativity.

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Important News:

Magic Shutter 1.5 now available on the app store. If you have 1.4.3 or lower, please upgrade to version 1.5. Check back for updates and new features.

Magic Shutter 1.5 was available

  • iOS 5 support.
  • Enhanced memory management.
  • Enhanced light drawing's performance.
  • Fixed photo orientation bug and view setting bug.
  • If you would like to provide suggestions, please mail them to - Contact US.


Magic Shutter is a creation making camera in iPhone. It can easily let you use your iPhone to take long exposure and repeated exposure photos. And the photo can be taken at the same time as viewing. After shooting, you can immediately through the Internet to share your creations with your family and friends.

Using lighting as a brush can be utilized by Magic Shutter to create amazing photos.

Why you should buy Magic Shutter?

  • "Magic instant preview feature" can allow you to master the best long exposure time.
  • "Smart Exposure" can avoid over-exposure.
  • "Flash synchronization" can freeze shooting object to produce mixed amazing results. (Caution: iPhone 4 has real flash and iPhone 3Gs still use simulate flash.)
  • "Photo sharing feature" can allow you to share your ideas with your family and friends at any time.
  • "Photo output resolution" has over 1 million pixels (Three resolution options).
  • Shutter speed can be easily set on 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60 seconds or B (unlimited).


  • Support locked exposure value and focus to shoot accurately.
  • Support slow shutter exposure time unlimitely to let iPhone become a professional camera.
  • Support repeated exposure function for presenting multiple shooting photos.
  • Support film preview to watch the result of the current exposure value when shooting.
  • Support flash sync feature to freeze shooting object at the perfect time.
  • Support exposure compensation to control exposure value.
  • Support smart exposure function to avoid over exposure.
  • Support 4 shooting modes and 3 flash synchronization options and can be mixed out of 10 shooting methods.
  • Support iPhone 4's retina display.
  • Support six languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French and German).
  • Support store photos, e-mail, facebook and other methods to share them with your family and friends.
  • Suppot iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 (or another iOS device having camera) .

Exposure modes

Smart shooting

Using slow shutter for shooting objects in the general condition that can help you to capture the beautiful light trails in the photo.

Light painting

Recommend for very dark background environment. The use of LED light is generally to draw or make creative photos.

Manual Shooting

Control the camera's exposure conditions completly by advanced users.

One shooting

Similar to manual Shooting, but this model is only take one shot. Repeated exposure film can be used repeatedly as a creation.

Front flash sync

Trigger the flash at the start of the exposure. Fixing the exposure at the beginning of the image.

Rear flash sync

Trigger the flash at the end of the exposure. Fixing the exposure at the end of the image.

App Function Map / Manual

A. Magic Shutter's app function setting

This feature provides multiple exposure modes and can set the app-related features in details.

B. Switch photo preview screen

When you're shooting, this feature can allow you to see both the exposure preview and viewfinder window. So you can accurately decide when to start or end of the shooting.

C. Photo saving and sharing function

After the completion of photography, you can save photos, mail or posted to the facebook wall in this feature.

D. Retake new photo

If you want to clear the current result and retake a shot, you can use this feature to clear them very quickly.

E. Self Timer

It can be used easily to set the shutter speed to 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60 seconds or B (unlimited). If you do not set the shutter speed B, timer will end shooting automatically when time's up.

F. Start / End shooting

You can shoot several times and combine them into one photo, until you feel satisfied. It can help you to expose several times for createing a complex creation.

(A) Magic Shutter's app function setting

A1. Exposure modes

Multiple exposure modes suit different conditions. For more details, please refer to exposure description or video tutorial.

A2. Flash sync

The function of flash sync is the same as it in the DSLR for you to decide when to trigger the flash. "One shooting mode" does not support the flash sync. (iPhone 4 has real flash, iPhone 3Gs still use simulate flash.)

A3. Exposure compensation

"Manual shooting" and "One shooting" modes can support exposure compensation. This allows you to determine the exposure value and it will affect the duration of exposure and results.

A4. Resolution

Let you set the photo output quality. The higher quality will use more memory space. Generally, it is recommend to use medium quality.

(B) Switch photo preview screen

B1. Exposure live preview

When you start shooting, Magic Shutter will immediately present the result of the exposure in here.

B2. Viewfinder window

When shooting, this small window can be used as the viewfinder of your camera. This feature can help you to identify the exact right location.

(C) Photo saving and sharing function

C1. Save Photo

After shooting, the photo can be saved directly to the iPhone photo album.

C2. Mail Photo

It can add your creations to e-mail's attachment. Then you can mail it to your family and friends at any time any where.

C3. Share to facebook

If you have a facebook account, you can simply publish your photos to facebook.

(D) Retake new photo

D1. Retake

If you want to clear the current result and retake a shot, you can use this feature to clear it quickly. Just tap "YES" to clear photo or tap "NO" to continue shooting.

Magic Shutter 1.3 video manual

Magic Shutter exercise materials

How to use Magic Shutter exercise materials?

It's simple! Launch the Magic Shutter on you iPhone and focus the video. Then follow the step in the video and try shooting with different exposure and flash sync modes. This can help you to understand what mode can create what result. For more details, please refer to "Magic Shutter 1.3 video manual".


  • How to retake new picture?
    Magic Shutter 1.1 - Choose the button beside "shoot" button then tap "shoot new one" button to retake.
    Magic Shutter 1.2 - Choose the button beside "shoot" button then tap it to retake directly.
  • Why I can not shoot?
    iPhone often upgardes app. This change may cause function failure somtimes. If so, please delete app and reinstall it again, then it should work well.

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