Power Recorder 1.0

The best way to record your life.

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Power Recorder is specifically designed to make life or travel records. It can make your iPhone transformed into a powerful video recorder to record high-quality HD video and your position and other detail information. In addition to general record function, we designed a lot of useful major features:

♦ Adjustable online map display services when you record.
♦ Available at the time of the accident or manually add the anchor to log event.
♦ Important records were automatically prevent overwrite.
♦ Allow rich video recording export, information can be embedded on videos.
♦ Smart automatic function to help you easy to manage the iPhone power and record.

Free trial now, if you like Drive Recorder can purchase in app to buy a Professional Edition.

power recorder used in travel or life records

power recorder used in driving records

power recorder real record review

Why you should purchase Professional Edition?

Professional Edition are full function edition with 10 recycling records. And include above fetures:
  • Provides unlimted loop video recording.
  • Adjustable online map display support.
  • Provides manual and accidents to log event.
  • Automatically lock the record to prevent the record overwritten.
  • Video recording gap between each record less than 1 second.
  • Provides automatic video recording exposure correction to make bright result.
  • Rich records of time, speed, event and GPS provide.
  • Rich movie export with embedded detail record information.
  • Can capture photo from video record any time when you review it.
  • Auto start and stop record with the power connect.
  • The highest video quality (iphone 4 Support HD).
  • Excellent power and records management, can continue recording after the phone call.
  • Can purchase more than 10 records (cumulative).

Other features

  • Can use on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 or above (iOS 4 above required, not support iPhone 3G).
  • Support four languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese).
  • Support iPhone 4 of the retina display.

Quick Preview

App Function Map / Manual

A. Online map

Provided by the google map. Let you can be record video and watch the map at the same time. (WIFI or 3G network are required)

B. Lock / Unlock online map

Toggle touch here to quick lock or unlock the online map. When the map is locked, unable to move or control.

C. Show / Hide online map

Toggle touch here to quick show or hide the online map.

D. Start / Stop record

Toggle touch here to start or stop record video. If you activate the automatic management function, will be at the right time to start recording or stop their own.

E. Power Recorder's app setting

Set Power Recorder functions and to purchase the Professional Edition or extra function.

F. Video recording list

Provide manage and watch video records. You can lock / export / delete / play / capture videos.

(A) Online map

A1. Zoom map slider

Drag the slider to zoom the map to control viewer scope. Drag up for closer and drag down for farther.

A2. Mulit-touch scale map

Using two fingers to zoom the map size. single finger is used to move the map position. Beyond the scope of the screen will automatically return to the right position.

A3. Navigator status

Using icon to display navigator status. GPS failure symbol is used to display the current GPS can not receive satellite signals. Lock symbol is used to display the current map has been locked does not accept the finger touch.

(B) Lock / Unlock online map

B1. Lock / Unlock button

Toggle touch here to quick lock or unlock the online map. When it lock the lock symbol will show(B2) and does not accept the finger touch.

B2. Lock status icon

Display the current map has been locked and does not accept the finger touch.

(D) Start / Stop record

D1. Record button

Toggle touch can command recorder to start or stop record detail infomation and video. When it's recording, the button will be flashing red light.

D2. Recording information HUD

When video are recording. The Recording information HUD will show all infomation what it record. It include time and speed. (Position will recored but not show at here.)

D3. Recorder preview screen

To display the video screen or online maps. When you double touch screen will record "Manual Event". When big impact happen will log "Accident Event". It easy and helpful to use for review the record.

(E) Power Recorder's app setting

E1. Speedometer

Set unit used are "km/h" or "mph". This decide depend on the location or country you stay.

E2. Exposure correction

Turn on will make app automatically adjust the exposure. Try to keep the video recording bright.

E3. Low battery auto-save

Turn on will let app to monitor your battery usage. When the battery is less than 10% will automatically stop recording.

E4. Automatic recording

Turn on will let app to monitor your car's power supply. First, please launch the app and connect the power cord. When the power starting will automatically start recording, and turn off recording automatically when you stop power support.

E5. Professional Edition fetures list

You can understand the benefits and features of Professional Edition.

E6. Purchase Professional Edition

Touch button can purchase in app to upgrade Professional Edition. It only purchase once, app store will remeber your purchase record. (WIFI or 3G network are required)

E7. Purchase for more records

If you want more than 10 records then you can purchase it to increase more 10 extra recoreds, The records can be reuse and management. (WIFI or 3G network are required)

E8. Help

Learn how to use the Power Recorder or try to contact us.

(F) Video recording list

F1. Video snap

Dispaly video recording snap to quick know where and what you recorded in the video. Touch video snap can go play this video directly.

F2. Video Record time

Shows recording time was. This can help you know when video recorded.

F3. Lock / Unlock this video

Toggle touch button can lock or unlock this video recording. When the video is locked, will not be automatically overwritten.

F4. Export this video

This feature can be exported to iPhone album or computer for viewing. Has "Pure Video" and "Rich Video" modes can be used.

F5. Delete this video

Delete this video recording. After delete will release your iPhone's memory space.

F6. Event label

Using event label to show what type event in the video recording. "M" said the video has manual event and "A" means has accident event. Whether owned by the event label can quickly understand status.

F7. Export pure video

Can quick export pure video to your album. Exported video only have simple movie.

F8. Export rich video

Can export rich video to your album, but will take a few minutes. Exported video has driving record embed on movie.

(G) Video recording player

G1. Online map

Shows the location and displayed on the google map. It can display your current position and before record position. Can help you to use in the accident investigation or travel review. (WIFI or 3G network are required)

G2. Show / Hide online map

Toggle touch here to quick show or hide the online map.

G3. Play / Pause button

Toggle touch here to quick play or pause video.

G4. Quick view slider

Horizontal drag to fast forward the movie any time point.

G5. Manual anchor point

Showed that the moment the "Manual Event" occurs.

G6. Accident anchor point

Showed that the moment the "Accident Event" occurs.

G7. Real-time photo capture

Capture your video recording to photo and put it in your iPhone album.

G7. Recording information HUD

Showing that all relevant recording information.


  • When phone call coming, Is it still record?
    When phone call coming, Power Recorder will pause record video and let you answer th call. But when you cut off or recject call, Power Recorder will automatically resume recording.
  • Why I can not purchase in Power Recorder?
    Purchase profession edition need to turn on "purchase in app" function in your iPhone and need internet connection. Please make sure your iPhone setting allow do that. If you still can not purchase it, please contact us and let me know.
    (iphone jailbreak and had installed appsync (or some piracy mechanism) will lost purchase function)

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