Sunrise Photography Compass 1.4

Easy to use, smart photography.

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Sunrise Photography Compass 1.4 done list.

  • Add weather feature support.
  • Add flashlight feature support.
  • Add Horizon twilight, Civil twilight, Nautical twilight, Astronomical twilight support.
  • Add gray card and white card support.
  • iOS 5 support.
  • Enhancing better memory management.


Sunrise Photography Compass is not only the usual compass, In addition to identification of direction, it also created by the special needs for sunrise photography. When you open the iPhone, no matter where you are in the world, just can always know the information of sunrise and sunset at your location. With the compass feature you can quickly point out that the relative orientation of sunrise and sunset. Through the global positioning system also can know the current location of the latitude and longitude.

It's easy use and powerful. Absolutely will be best companion for sunrise photography and travel.

Why you should buy Sunrise Photography Compass?

  • Easy and professional sunrise and sunset time / direction display with compass. (without network connection)
  • Can immediate see current and forecast weather information for the next 3 days. (network connection required)
  • Provides digital gray and white card to correct your digital camera or lighting. Useful for professional photographer.
  • Automatic features. Without complicated setting flow.

Software features

  • No need internet connection to get sunrise and sunset information.
  • Digital compass and GPS support.
  • Can quickly know any day of the sunrise and sunset information. (Horizon, Civil, Nautical and Astronomy modes support)
  • With the compass can be quickly pointed out that the sunrise and sunset orientation.
  • Automatic switch day and night interface to improve visual comfort viewing.
  • Support power saving mode, which can effectively reduce the power dissipation.
  • Support for switching magnetic north and true north
  • Support daylight saving time.
  • Support English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, German language.
  • Support iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 or later, and supports retinal display.
  • Buy once and upgrade function free.

Quick Preview

App Function Map / Manual

A. Compass

It's the first time into the software screen, can help you know about the location, time, and other related information needs for sunrise photography.

B. Weather

Weather feature can immediately display the current weather conditions and forecast weather for the next three days.

C. Color Card

Prvoides two type of color card to easy correct your digital camera.

D. Date

System default is to select today. If you want to know the history or the future information of sunrise and sunset. Can also be selected custom date.

E. Settings

All detailed settings can be adjusted in here. We recommend that you use the system default settings to ensure the results with the best presentation.

(A) Compass

A1. Selected date

Displays the current view information that you choose a date. If want to change date can go to "Date" change it.

A2. Sunrise and sunset information

In this area will show the sunrise and sunset information for you. Top also displays what twilight mode you currently used. If want to change mode can go to "Settings" change it.

A3. Sunrise and Sunset light

If the positioning is completed (green light on), it will display sunrise and sunset time, but also there are two sun symbols and you can identify by color. use this feature you can quickly find the orientation of sunrise or sunset.

A4. Compass directions

Line can be marked on your compass indicating the direction facing. In the middle with a set of digital compass, you can also quickly and easy to read orientation.

A5. Latitude coord.

The left side shows the current location of the latitude information. It can use on Google Map directly.

A6. Longitude coord.

The right side shows the current location of the longitude information. It can use on Google Map directly.

(B) Weather

B1. Current weather

The top of item will show current weather information. It can provide condition, temperature, humidity.

B2. Forecast weather

Three days forecast weather can see on the screen order by days. The information almost the same with current weather item.

(C) Color Card

C1. Gray Card

Gray card used in the exposure correct. If you want to know how to use your digital camera to correct exposure correct, please read your camera manual. (It all different operation flow at differen camera!) [Read more about "Gray Card" from wiki]

C2. White Card

White card used in the lighting your camera in dark night, it can help you to get ready your camera berfore you shoot sunrise picture. Or can used in the white balance. If you want to know how to use your digital camera to correct white balance, please read your camera manual. (It all different operation flow at differen camera!) [Read more about "White Balance" from wiki]

C3. Card hint

Hint you how to use this card. More detail can read you camera manual or wiki

(D) Date

D1. Date selectable roll

Just scroll the roll to adjust date and the completion date will be stored . We recommended if you changed the date, please do not to forget to turn it back to "today".

D2. Quick Date choose

When you touch "Today" button can quick choose back to today. Or you can scroll date roll to choose one day to get sunrise and sunset information.

(E) Settings

E1. Magnetic north

Option within the meaning of the north compass are true north or magnetic north.

E2. Night interface

Enable automatic interface switching, can be used day and night different compass display interface will get more comfortable viewing at night.

E3. Twilight mode

You can choose which type of twilight mode to match what you want. Default use "Horizon twilight" means when sun rise or set to the horzon. It provide four type (Horizon, Civil, Nautical, Astronomical) to this. [Read more about "Twilight" from wiki]

E4. Temperature unit

This set will effect what temperature unit will display in weather feature.

E5. Power Saving mode

Enable this setting, the system will automatically minimize the power loss state.

E6. Nerver screen lock

It can make your iPhone never go to sleep. It will be helpful for a long time watching compass information. Pay attention! Enable this setting uses more power.

E7. Daylight saving time

Can be set to the current location and the season whether to match daylight saving time. If enabled will automatically adjust the display of sunrise and sunset times.

E8. Weather enabled

Let you choose enabled or disabled your weather feature. If you enabled and go to see the weather will need network connection. Disabled it will make you you will not use network connection and pay for telcom any data transmission service.


  • Why when I upgrade new version make app failure?
    Sometimes when you update from app store may make app failure. Please try to reboot you device. After reboot then delete app and reinstall it from app store or iTunes. Don't worry, It will not pay again.

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